Awakening the Master within – retreat in Sweden August

A next level retreat for your self discovery | August 4-11 2019

Within you, beyond all the different voices, emotions, and conflicting thoughts, there is a consciousness of direct knowing. When you embody that consciousness of knowing you will pierce the illusions of your life.

In that state of presence, you are expressing a calm silent power inside you, that your inner critic cannot touch or make small. In that state of presence, you are connected to a source of unconditional love that is both within you, and all around you. It has no beginning and no end. It allows you to walk through the world with a sense of peace, clarity and unconditional confidence.

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The rebellious act of meditating

You see the pictures of blissful people meditating. You read the articles about reducing your stress levels, boost your brain power and be a better person. And studies, brain scans and many people’s experiences seem clear – meditation can lead to huge shifts in how you think, react and behave. As well as give you a deeper understanding of who you are.

However, what always got me to sit down and go within was the thought that meditation is a rebellious act. An anti-dote to a program of thoughts and beliefs running me. Who want’s to be controlled by an unconscious force that directs your thoughts, reactions and emotions? Not me and it got me motivated to do the work, again and again. Maybe you have a strong rebel force inside of you too and find this perspective helpful.

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How to listen to the wind of your soul

How do you write about something that can’t be explained in words? Do you even try or do you leave it? Those are thoughts I’ve had when thinking if I should write about my experiences in Teotihuacan and the retreat we visited a few weeks back. Detaching from any expectations and practice writing from the heart and beyond, I’ll give it a go. A story that few have heard from me this way.

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